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  1. 1. disabled, crippled, handicapped, helpless, numb, powerless, dead, lame, incapacitated, immobilized, paralytic The disease left him with a paralysed right arm. 2. disabled, crippled, hamstrung, incapacitated a period of chaos, with disrupted air services and a paralysed civil service.
  2. Definition of paralyzed 1: affected with paralysis If the right hemisphere of the brain is badly damaged in its sensory (parietal) areas, patients may show an unawareness that anything is the matter, even though the left side of their body is senseless or paralyzed.
  3. Sep 15,  · an indefinite period of chaos, with disrupted air services and a paralysed civil service He was absolutely paralysed with shock. He was suddenly paralysed by fear. He was .
  4. To be held paralyzed, with one's back toward some horrible and unknown danger from the very sound of which the ferocious Apache warriors turn in wild stampede, as a flock of sheep would madly flee from a pack of wolves, seems to me the last word in fearsome predicaments for a man who had ever been used to fighting for his life with all the energy of a powerful physique.
  5. verb (used with object), par·a·lyzed, par·a·lyz·ing. to affect with paralysis. to bring to a condition of helpless stoppage, inactivity, or inability to act: The strike paralyzed communications.
  6. Mar 22,  · Paraplegia is paralysis from the waist down. Locked-in syndrome is the rarest and most severe form of paralysis, where a person loses control Author: Natalie Slivinski.
  7. Medical Definition of paralysis: complete or partial loss of function especially when involving the power of motion or of sensation in any part of the body — see hemiplegia, paraplegia, paresis sense 1.
  8. A paralyzed creature is incapacitated (see the condition) and can’t move or speak. The creature automatically fails Strength and Dexterity Saving Throws. Attack rolls against the creature have advantage. Any Attack that hits the creature is a critical hit if the attacker is within 5 feet of the creature.

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